70000 TONS OF METAL 2025

The first date for the Power From Hell 40th Anniversary World Tour is here!.. Get in the pit!

"Sailors, prepare to Thrash Till the Death with Onslaught on deck for 70000 TONS OF METAL 2025, The Original, The World's Biggest Heavy Metal Cruise! We have a VERY special treat for you, which will only be witnessed onboard 70000 TONS OF METAL and will never be seen anywhere else!

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of its release, we will perform our debut album "Power From Hell" in its entirety for one set, and for the other set we will perform our second album "The Force" in its entirety!

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Get ready to witness thrash metal history, as for the very first time throughout 2025 Onslaught will perform their ground-breaking debut album 'Power From Hell' live, in its entirety and in the original track order.

These special shows will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this iconic and highly influential album, making it a never to be repeated global event that is not to be missed.

The countdown is on!

In addition, over the next 12 months, Onslaught will be releasing two very special albums that pay homage to their punk/thrash origins and showcase the success they have achieved throughout their profoundly impressive career.

These albums will capture the raw energy that defines Onslaught's unique levels of aggression.

Onslaught's impact on the music industry cannot be overstated. They have earned their place in the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame and have left an indelible mark on thrash metal. Their music has inspired countless generations of fans, shaping the genre and influencing legions of musicians and bands worldwide.

Prepare to be blown away by the sheer power and intensity of this brutal Onslaught We're so looking forward to next year, 2025, it's gonna be absolutely immense…

Founding Onslaught member Nige Rockett adds:

Big anniversary year for POWER FROM HELL - so we will be hitting the global road performing our debut album in its entirety for the very first time..

We just had to take this opportunity to do something very special for the fans, it was a no brainer, it's never ever happened before and it will never happen again after 2025..

These are gonna be some real killer shows, so come join the Party from Hell..!



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Get your ONSLAUGHT merchandise!

Get your ONSLAUGHT merchandise here:The Power from Hell is drawing ever near.. ! Worldwide Shipping!

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ONSLAUGHT Unveil Music Video For Title Track Of Latest Album ‘GENERATION ANTICHRIST’

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Thank You For 2022, And All The Best For 2023!!

ONSLAUGHT would like to send a huge thank you to everyone for your amazing, undying support over the past year. Plans are big for 2023 and there will be announcements very soon..

Until then we would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful year ahead and hope to see ya on the road in 23..!Love & Metal Nige, Jeff, James, Wayne, Dave

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Happy Holiday's

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NEW video for ‘Godhead’

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Sounds Of Violence Anniversary Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, today sees the release of the special Anniversary Edition 2 CD, Revised artwork version of the classic thrash masterpiece 'Sounds Of Violence' As part of the celebration, Onslaught are also putting out a new video for the track 'Godhead' which will be available to view from 15:00 CET today! As if that wasn't enough, AFM are also releasing limited edition coloured Vinyls of VI, Sounds Of Violence and Generation Antichrist today!

The special 2 CD anniversary version of 'Sounds of Violence' and the limited edition vinyl re-releases are available here…


Sounds Of Violence (Anniversary Edition, 2-CD) https://shop.afm-records.de/.../onslaught-sounds-of...

VI – (Red Vinyl) https://shop.afm-records.de/.../onslaught-vi-gatefold-red-lp

Generation Antichrist – (Red Vinyl) https://shop.afm-records.de/.../onslaught-generation...

Sounds Of Violence – (Red Vinyl) https://shop.afm-records.de/.../onslaught-sounds-of...


Sounds Of Violence (Anniversary Edition, 2-CD) https://www.plastichead.com/onslaught-sounds-of-violence...

VI – (Red Vinyl) https://www.plastichead.com/onslaught-vi-red-vinyl-vinyl...

Generation Antichrist – (Red Vinyl) https://www.plastichead.com/onslaught-generation...

Sounds Of Violence – (Red Vinyl) https://www.plastichead.com/onslaught-sounds-of-violence...


Sounds Of Violence (Anniversary Edition, 2-CD) https://www.cede.ch/de/music/?view=detail&branch_sub=0&branch=1&aid=17883325

VI - (Red Vinyl) https://www.cede.ch/de/music/?view=detail&branch_sub=0...

Generation Antichrist - (Red Vinyl) https://www.cede.ch/de/music/?view=detail&branch_sub=0...

Sounds Of Violence - (Red Vinyl) https://www.cede.ch/de/music/?view=detail&branch_sub=0...




Sounds Of Violence (Anniversary Edition, 2-CD) https://www.levykauppax.fi/.../ons.../sounds_of_violence/...

VI – (Red Vinyl) https://www.levykauppax.fi/artist/onslaught/vi/#809400

Generation Antichrist - (Red Vinyl) https://www.levykauppax.fi/.../generation_antichrist/...




Sounds Of Violence (Anniversary Edition, 2-CD) https://www.platomania.nl/.../sounds_of_violence/onslaught

VI – (Red Vinyl) https://www.platomania.nl/.../11769494/vi_coloured/onslaught

Generation Antichrist – (Red Vinyl) https://www.platomania.nl/.../generation.../onslaught

Sounds Of Violence – (Red Vinyl) https://www.platomania.nl/.../sounds_of.../onslaught


Sounds Of Violence (Anniversary Edition, 2-CD) https://www.amazon.it/Sounds.../dp/B0B5KNVZMN/ref=sr_1_3...

VI – (Red Vinyl) https://www.amazon.it/VI.../dp/B0B5Q6V688/ref=sr_1_1...

Sounds Of Violence - (Red Vinyl) https://www.amazon.it/Sounds.../dp/B0B5PLFF72/ref=sr_1_2...

Generation Antichrist – (Red Vinyl) https://www.amazon.it/Generat.../dp/B0B5KQRWKY/ref=sr_1_3...


Sounds Of Violence (Anniversary Edition, 2-CD) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B5KNVZMN

VI – (Red Vinyl) www.amazon.com/dp/B0B5Q6V688

Sounds Of Violence - (Red Vinyl) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B5PLFF72

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..It is with great sadness to hear about the unexpected death of Steve, who was undoubtedly one of the greatest voices in the world of metal music. We had some real good times back in the days of ISOS and he will be sorely missed. We would like to send our deepest condolences to his family at this truly difficult time, our thoughts are with you.

"See you in Hell my friend" 

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Onslaught's 40th anniversary celebrations

As part of Onslaught's 40th anniversary celebrations, AFM Records will re-issue the last three ONSLAUGHT studio albums - Sounds Of Violence (2011), VI (2013) and Generation Antichrist as limited red 180 gram Vinyl editions all with gatefold sleeves on November 11th.

There are a lot more anniversary surprises coming soon!

Pre-order here: https://shop.afm-records.de/onslaught/

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Metal Hall of Fame at Maryland Deathfest

British Thrash Metal pioneers Onslaught received their induction to the 'Metal Hall of Fame' during their recent on-stage performance at Maryland Deathfest. (USA)

'Metal Hall of Fame' President/CEO Pat Gesualdo comments. "Thrash Metal is a crucial part of the entire spectrum of Heavy Metal, and also a huge foundation for the Metal Hall of Fame. We are very proud to have Onslaught represent this genre that we all love so much.

" Nige Rockett comments: We are so honoured to receive this amazing recognition from the Metal Hall of Fame, it's been an incredible journey for this band and to receive this award in our 40th Anniversary year is really the icing on the cake...

This is a great day for Onslaught a great day for 'Thrash Metal' and a great day for the 'UK Metal scene'. 'Onslaught' is in a very very cool place right now and I think it only right that we should also give an honourable mention to Messers Sy Keeler and Steve Grice for their immense contributions in helping us achieve this great accolade.

This one is for the fans..!

Cheerz Nige, Jeff, Wayne, James & Dave

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British Thrash Metal pioneers Onslaught will be Inducted into the 2022 Metal Hall of Fame, during their on-stage performance at Maryland Deathfest, May 28, 2022.

"We are excited to Induct British thrash metal pioneers Onslaught into the 2022 Metal Hall of Fame during their performance on stage at Deathfest Maryland," says Metal Hall of Fame President/CEO Pat Gesualdo. "Thrash Metal is a crucial part of the entire spectrum of Heavy Metal, and also a huge foundation for the Metal Hall of Fame. We are very proud to have Onslaught represent this genre that we all love so much.

" Nige Rockett - Onslaught guitarist / founding member comments:"Wow, What can we say, this has come completely out of the blue…! We are truly honoured to receive this extremely prestigious recognition and join a list of so many awesome and respected names from the world of metal music.This has to be right up there with the best of accolades that this band has ever received in our in our long and illustrious career, it's a great day for 'Thrash Metal' and a great day for the 'UK Metal scene'.

This award could not have arrived at a more perfect time as we celebrate '40 years of raising hell', it really is a true validation of 'Onslaught' past and present..This one is for the fans..! Thank you all.!"

Nige, Jeff, Wayne, James & Dave

About the Metal Hall of FameThe Metal Hall of Fame is a volunteer non-profit organization that enshrines forever, those Legendary musicians, artists, and music industry executives who are responsible for making Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music what it is today. Their contribution to the genre is invaluable, and they keep inspiring fans throughout the world, from generation to generation. The Metal Hall of Fame holds the Annual Metal Hall of Fame Celebrity Gala every January.

The Metal Hall of Fame Voting Process is derived by fans of all genres of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, along with the Metal Hall of Fame voting committee. Fans cast their vote all year round for their favorite artists, bands, producers, and industry executives via the Metal Hall of Fame website at www.metalhalloffame.org.

For more information, or to volunteer, please contact: , or call 973-263-0420.



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Seasons Greetings folks, all the very best to you all....see you next year!

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RIP Malcolm Dome

RIP Malcolm Dome..
Absolutely devastated to hear that Malcolm had sadly passed away. An absolutely fantastic journalist and such a wonderful person..! You will be sadly missed my friend..!

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USA Merchandise

For all of our American friends, we now have exclusive merchandise designs – as well as some old school classics – available at VISION MERCH.666% Pure Thrash!


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We've got something planned for you all!

We've got something very BIG and very EXPLOSIVE planned for you all!

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Christians React To Religiousuicide !!!

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Worship Metal’s 5 Greatest UK Thrash Releases Of 2020!

Worship Metal's 5 Greatest UK Thrash Releases Of 2020!  "Generation Antichrist #1"


Worship Metal's 5 Greatest UK Thrash Releases Of 2020! - Worship Metal

The UK continued to churn out high calibre thrash in 2020 and Worship Metal have selected the 5 releases we feel are most worthy of your attention!
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Season Greetings To All

Season Greetings To All
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