Generation Antichrist Liner Notes

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Generation Antichrist

Onslaught's devastating new album 'GENERATION ANTICHRIST' is unleashed on August 7th 2020. Available on Amazon and all other major music outlets worldwide!...Get your mosh on! 

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Bow Down to the Clowns

Bow Down to the Clowns.!Single streams are totally off the scale.! Let's make this even bigger. Thank you so much.!  

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Our Jeff in Bass Guitar Magazine

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Japan Generation Antichrist Pre-Sales Links

Japan Flag

Generation Antichrist Pre-Sales Links

Japan albums VINYL & CD includes extra Bonus track "In Search Of Sanity" with Dave on vocals!  

Japan albums VINYL & CD includes extra Bonus track "In Search Of Sanity" with Dave on vocals!  

Japan albums VINYL & CD includes extra Bonus track "In Search Of Sanity" with Dave on vocals!  

Japan albums VINYL & CD includes extra Bonus track "In Search Of Sanity" with Dave on vocals!  

Japan albums VINYL & CD includes extra Bonus track "In Search Of Sanity" with Dave on vocals!  

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Jeff & Bass Guitar Magazine.

Bass Guitar Magazine feature coming soon!  

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Pre-Order New Album!

First teaser for new ONSLAUGHT album 'GENERATION ANTICHRIST'
Pre order the new album RIGHT NOW.! at AFM Records

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'Onslaught' have confirmed 'Dave Garnett' as their
new vocalist and replacement for the recently departed 'Sy Keeler'
 ('Garnett' has already appeared onstage with 'Onslaught'
 deputising for 'Keeler' at 'The House of Metal' Festival in Umea,
Sweden earlier this year.)

'Onslaught' guitarist Nige Rockett comments:
Obviously it was a huge blow for us losing Sy, but in 'Dave Garnett'
we have found an incredible talent who has a great deal of
experience both on the stage and in the studio.
The new 'Onslaught' album is without question our most raw and
aggressive record to date, there's a lot of our early influences
shining thru and 'Dave' has more than risen to the challenge in
delivering some pure 'Thrash Metal' vocals.

'Dave Garnett' comments:
Naturally like everyone I was gutted to hear about the departure of
'Sy Keeler'. 'Onslaughts' music and 'Sy's' vocal style has been an
influence of mine for many years, so it was a great honour for me
to be asked by the band to fill these very BIG shoes.
As the new voice of 'Onslaught' I want to honour 'Sy' for his
amazing performances over the years, while at the same time as
bringing a new sound and energy to the band.
With a new album set for release and so many live shows / festivals
in the works, I will be extremely excited to step out on to the stage
with great anticipation and give the fans what they deserve!!!

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It is with great sadness to announce that 'Sy Keeler' will be
leaving his role as vocalist of 'Onslaught'.
Due to the nature of the modern day music industry some
things simply aren't sustainable year after year and Sy has
now taken a different full time career path.

We would like to wish Sy and his family all the very best on this
new journey through life and give him huge thanks for his
immense vocal performances in the band over the years.
We've shared so many great experiences, made some very
cool records and played some really amazing shows across the
globe, unfortunately nothing lasts forever and for us as a band
what doesn't kill us will once again make us stronger.

Onslaught are currently finalising work on their as yet untitled
new album in follow up to the critically acclaimed release 'VI'.


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New Onslaught Album

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Wacken 2020

Wacken 2020, this is going to be one hell of an epic show! Get in the fucking pit, lets go! 

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Rock The Castle Italy

Breaking News.!!
ONSLAUGHT - 'Rock the Castle' Italy 7th July. Amazing line up.
Let's raise Pure Hell.!!!

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Maryland Death Fest 2020

ONSLAUGHT are totally psyched to be announced for 'Maryland Death Fest' 2020.! Its been a long time coming.!
Massive news coming on Monday, stay tuned.! Hell Yeah.!!

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New Booking Agents

'ONSLAUGHT' proudly introduce our new tour booking agents 'DRAGON PRODUCTIONS'
We're really psyched to be working with 'Dragon Productions' in the build up to the new 'Onslaught' album release, this is a hugely important time in our career and i know these guys are gonna do some great work in taking us to the next level over the coming years..!

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New Single artwork!

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Teaser Of New Onslaught Single!

Here it is folks, your first official teaser of the brand new Onslaught single and video "A Perfect Day To Die".
The new track Premieres on March 8th 2019 at 13:00 CET on the AFM Youtube channel. Follow the link to book a notification of the first showing!

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R.I.P. Dave Ingram Jnr.

RIP Dave Ingram jnr..!
Words cannnot express the extreme sadness and loss we are all feeling right now.!
You were such a genuine, passionate and inspirational person, it was a true honour to call you a friend, This world will never be the same without your smile and humour.!
We Love you man, you will never be forgotten.!!

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Shooting New Video

Shooting New Video

Shooting Video today for the new single..!  

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Here's To A Thrashing 2019!

Happy New Year

Here's to a thrashing 2019! We've got some major plans for next year and we'll see you all out on the road soon!!!
All the very best to all of you!

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James Perry & Czarcie Kopyto

James Perry & Czarcie Kopyto

Onslaught's James Perry is proud to represent and endorse the amazing Czarcie Kopyto drum pedals!

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